Title I Program

Applying For One Free Classroom:

Skybrary School features an award-winning library of close to 1,000 fiction and non-fiction books, hundreds of real-world video field trips featuring LeVar Burton, 40 standards-aligned Lesson Plans and easy-to-use teacher management tools. Skybrary School caters specifically to the needs of early elementary school educators & students with features designed to increase reading frequency and build literacy skills.

If you are Title 1 school, please email us at schoolsales@levarburtonkids.com with your request to be considered for ONE FREE Classroom Plan to LeVar Burton Kids Skybrary School.

Please note the following criteria to receive a Title 1 classroom:

  • K-3rd grade educators only
  • Access to the internet via Chromebooks, desktop/laptop computers and mobile web browsers on iPads.


Thank you for your time. We appreciate your interest and will keep you posted! Please note, not all applicants that provide their information will be selected.